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商品名稱: Iceni Infix PDF Editor v5.13 Professional Edition

商品分類: 掃描、PDF、辦公文書工具

商品類型: PDF文檔文字處理軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: Windows XP/Vista/7

更新日期: 2012-04-08




Infix PDF Editor是一款新型的PDF文檔文字處理工具。你可以像word文檔一樣在PDF

文檔中編輯文字:更改文字的字體、顏色、大小等等。可以重設尺寸、重 新配置和改



Once you initiate the software, you

can select the way in which you want

to use Infix PDF Editor -

"Professional mode", "Standard mode"

or "Form-Filling Mode".

So, with this program you can easily

edit text, convert any printable

document to PDF (thanks to "Infix PDF

Printer"), merge two or more PDF

files, export PDF files to ePub, HTML

or RTF, as well as add stamps, notes,

signatures and other types of comments

But you can also fill-in any PDF form

in simple steps, create and edit PDF

photo albums, export documents to

XML, draw lines and add frames,

create and manage bookmarks, repair

broken font mappings, as well as add

headers, footers and watermarks.

Furthermore, you can edit graphics

and images (e.g. use a selection,

stretching, scaling or rotating tool,

change color and line width), format

text (e.g. use underline,

strike-through, margins and indents,

change line spacing), merge and split

text boxes, insert page numbers,

password-protect your documents, keep

a record of any changes (i.e. log

file), and more.

The program uses a high amount of

system resources, comes with a

complete user guide (which also

contains examples), is easy to work

with by both beginners and experts,

and didn't freeze or crash during our


Basically, Infix PDF Editor is for

PDF files what Microsoft Word or

OpenOffice Writer is for DOC files.

We strongly recommend it to all users.



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