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商品名稱: South River GroupDrive Collaboration Suite Enterprise Edition v6.40.1551 x64 Win2k3Vista2k8

商品分類: 掃描、PDF、辦公文書工具

商品類型: 商務級別的文檔和文件協作工具軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: Windows XP/Vista/7

更新日期: 2011-07-06




South River GroupDrive Collaboration Suite 商務級別的文檔和文件協作工具。


GroupDrive is a business-class file and document collaboration

product. Businesses can use GroupDrive to securely collaborate

over the Internet without the inherent problems of e-mailing

attachments. Because your files are stored in a central location,

users always have the most current version of a document. The

GroupDrive Server provides secure file storage and backup for

your important business files and documents.

With easy file sharing and real-time document collaboration,

GroupDrive gives your team a secure private business network that

lets you work at the speed of business.

The GroupDrive Collaboration Suite consists of 3 components:

* GroupDrive Server - a secure WebDAV server for storing and

collaborating on files. GroupDrive uses WebDAV over SSL.

* GroupDrive Client - Virtual drive connection to the GroupDrive

server enables users access and save files from within any

Windows or Mac application.

* GroupDrive Web Interface - A simple and intuitive interface

that allows users to store and collaborate on documents from

any machine with a Web browser and Internet access.



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