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商品名稱: LivePIM DesktopMirror Suite v4.5.1450

商品分類: 廣告信.傳真.電話.郵件工具

商品類型: 資訊同步軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: Windows XP/Vista/7

更新日期: 2012-08-02




是一款同步軟體,能夠讓你在Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express和 Palm desktop



When joining Linezer0 you are not just joining a group, but

a family. We're a group built on friendship, devotion, respect

and of course the continous learning. If you are one of those

whom are just here for the glory and releases, then you have

found the wrong group. Hard work and dedication is what has

brought us to where we are today, and it is that we will

demand from you as well.


To be able to be accepted as a cracker in Linezer0, you will

need to have at least 6 months of experience from other groups

and have at least 2 people that can vouche for you before we

will even concider talking with you.

Open positions:

* Keygenner(s) - able to analyse and keygen advanced

protection schemes. You will be working with the other

keygenners to be able to meet the advanced protections

with a joint effort.

* Dongle cracker(s) - need to have experience in one or

more of the following dongles, FlexLM, SentinelLM, HASP,

CRYPKEY and/or custom made license managers. We always

got big projects that you can undertake, and with the

dongle crew you will be working in a joint effort to

find sollutions - preferrably complete emulators for

the different solutions.



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