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商品名稱: 英文原版 經典繪本動畫大全 Scholastic Vedio Collection 01-23集(完)

商品分類: 外語綜合教學DVD

商品類型: 幼兒教學

語系版本: 英語發音 英文語言字幕版

運行平台: Windows 7/XP/Vista/DVD 播放機

更新日期: 2012-09-05




片名:(此片售價450元)英文原版 經典繪本動畫大全 Scholastic Vedio Collection 01-23集(完) 英語發音 英文語言字幕(幼兒教學)(適用任何家用DVD播放機超清晰畫面超長超值享受)(DVD版)(3DVD)(此片售450元)

2012.09.20 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZCD Studio








There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly and More Stories That Sing

[NO1][There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly]

[NO2][Antarctic Antics]

[NO3][Musical Max]

[PLUS-1][Keeping House]

[PLUS-2][Waiting For Wings]

Good Night Gorilla & More Bedtime Stories

[NO1][Good Night Gorilla][晚安,大猩猩] 本書獲得1996年凱迪克金獎

[NO2][How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night][恐龍怎麼說晚安]

[NO3][Happy birthday,Moon][生日快樂,月亮]

[NO4][The Napping House][打盹的房子]

[PLUS1][The Paperboy]


Where the Wild Things Are and Other Maurice Sendak Stories

[NO1][Where the Wild Horse Are][野獸國]  1964 年凱迪克金牌獎

[NO2][The Nutshell Kids]

[NO3][THE Night kitchen]


Make Way for Ducklings and More Robert McCloskey Stories

[NO1][Make Way for Ducklings][讓路給小鴨子] 1942年獲得凱迪克獎(Caldecott)

[NO2][Blueberries For Sal][莎莎摘漿果] 1949年凱迪克獎銀獎

[NO3][Time Of Wonder] 作者:Robert McCloskey

[PLUS1][Lentil] 作者:Robert McCloskey

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Lots More Learning Fun

[NO1][Chicka Chicka Boom Boom][嘰喀嘰喀碰碰]

[NO2][Trashy Town]

[NO3][Rosie's Walk ][母雞蘿絲去散步] 作者:佩特.哈群斯

[NO4][The Caterpillar And The Polliwog]

[PLUS1][Joey Runs Away][小喬逃跑了]

[PLUS2][Changes, Changes][千變萬化] 作 者:Pat Hutchins

Pete's a Pizza and More William Steig Stories

[NO1][Pete's a Pizza]

[NO2][Doctor de soto][老鼠牙醫地嗖頭]

[NO3][The Amazing Bone][奇奇骨]1977年 美國凱迪克大獎銀獎

[PLUS1][The Three Robbers]

[PLUS2][The Great White Man-Eating Shark]

The Snowy Day & More Ezra Jack Keats Stories

[NO1][The Snowy Day][下雪天]

[NO2][Whistle For Willie][彼得的口哨]

[NO3][Peter Chair][彼得的椅子]

[NO4][Pet Show][寵物展示會]

[PLUS1][The Trip]



Is Your Mama a Llama.and More Stories About Growing

[NO1][Is Your Mama a Llama]

[NO2][Leo The Late Bloomer][阿虎開竅了]

[NO3][Elizbeti'S Doll]


[PULS1][Five Creatures]

Strega Nona... and More Caldecott Award - Winning FolkTales

[NO1][Strage N0na][巫婆奶奶]

[NO2][Joseph Had a Little Overcoat][喬瑟夫有件舊外套]-凱迪克金牌獎

[NO3][Stone Soup][石頭湯]-迪克銀牌獎

[PLUS1][The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks][逆風飛翔 - 一個少女勇者的畫像]

Click,Clack,Moo Cows That Type...and more fun on the farm

[NO1][Click,Clack,Moo Cows That Type] ---- 迪克銀牌獎

[NO2][The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash]

[NO3][The Pig's Wedding][小豬的婚禮]

[NO4][Clic Clac Muu :Vacas Escritoras]

[PLUS1][The Cow Who Fell in The Canal]

[PLUS2][Charlie Needs a Cloak] - 入選美國圖書館協會優良讀物

Giggle, Giggle, Quack... and More Funny Favorites


[NO2][The Most Wonderful Egg in the World][母雞公主]

[NO3][Wings - A Tale of Two Chickens]

[NO4][The Foolish frog][愚蠢的青蛙]


[PLUS2][The Three Legged Cat][三腳貓]

[Harold and the Purple Crayon... and More Harold Stories]

[NO1][Harold and the Purple Crayon][阿羅有枝彩色筆]

[NO2][A Picture for Harold's room][阿羅房間要掛畫]

[NO3][Harold's Fairy Tale][阿羅的童話王國]

[PLUS1][The Mysterious Tadpole][神祕的蝌蚪]

[PLUS2][Drummer Hoff][鼓手赫夫]--凱迪克金獎

[PLUS3][Smile for Aunty] 

[Harry the Dirty Dog & More Terrific Tails]

[NO1][Harry the Dirty Dog][好髒的哈利]

[NO2][Officer Buckle and Gloria][巴警官與狗利亞]---凱迪克金獎

[NO3][Angus and the Ducks]

[PLUS1][The Beast of Monsieur Racine]

[PLUS2][Fourteen Rats and a Rat-Catcher]

[Corduroy...and more stories about friendship]


[NO2][Yo! Yes?]

[NO3][Here comes the Cat][大貓來了]

[PLUS1][The Rainbabies][雨小孩]

[Curious George Rides a Bike... and More Tales of Mischief]

[NO1][Curious George Rides a Bike]

[NO2][The Great White Man-Eating Shark]

[NO3][Flossie and the Fox]

[PLUS1][The Happy Lion]

[PLUS2][Cat and Canary]

Chrysanthemum and More Kevin Henkes Stories



[NO3][A Weekend With Wendell]


[PLUS3][The Wizard][神奇變身水]

[Red Riding Hood... And More James Marshall Fairy Tale Favorites]

[NO1][Little Red Riding Hood][小紅帽]

[NO2][Goldilocks and the Three Bears][歌蒂拉與三隻熊]

[NO3][The Three Little Pigs][三隻小豬]--2002年的凱迪克金牌獎

[PLUS1][Chicken Little]


[How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night... and More Stories That Rhyme]

[NO1][How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?][恐龍怎麼說晚安?]

[NO2][In the Small Small Pond]--得獎書

[NO3][Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin][大家來聽音樂會]--迪拉克銀獎作品

[NO4][All the Colors of the Earth]

[PLUS1][Joey Runs Away]

[PLUS2][A Weekend with Wendall]

[PLUS3][Moon Man][月亮先生]

[Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears... and More Stories from Africa]

[NO1][Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears] -1976年凱迪克金獎

[NO2][A Story A Story]--凱迪克金獎

[NO3][Who's in rabbit's house][誰在兔子的房子裡]

[PLUS1][The Village of Round and Square Homes]

[PLUS2][Hot Hipop]

[The Teacher from the Black Lagoon... and More Slightly Scary Stories]

[NO1][The Teacher from the Black Lagoon]

[NO2][What's Under My Bed]

[NO3][By the Light of the Halloween Moon]

[NO4][The Three Robbers][三個強盜]

[PLUS1][A Dark, Dark Tale]


[PLUS3][Teeny-Tiny and the Witch-Woman]

Miss Nelson Has a Field Day... and Miss Nelson Is Back

[NO1][Miss Nelson Has a Field Day]

[NO2][Miss Nelson Is Back]

[PLUS1][Oh Wie Schon Ist Panama][啊!美麗的巴拿馬]

[PLUS2][The Three Legged Cat][三腳貓]

[PLUS3][The Bear and the Fly Paula Winters]

The Night Before Christmas and More Christmas Stories

[NO1][The Night Before Christmas][耶誕節前夕]

[NO2][Max's Christmas][麥斯的聖誕節]

[NO3][Morris's Disappearing Bag][莫理斯的妙妙袋]

[NO4][Owl Moon][月下看貓頭鷹]

[PLUS1][The Clown of God]

[PLUS2][Too Many Tamales]

The Scrambled States of America and More Stories to Celebrate Our Country


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