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商品名稱: TigerLogic Omnis Studio Pro v5.2.0 Server for Linux

商品分類: Linux系統專用軟體

商品類型: 快速應用開發 RAD 工具軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: LINUX (以官方網站為準)

更新日期: 2012-05-28


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Omnis Studio是一個強大的和具有成本效益的快速應用開發(RAD)工具。它允許任何規模的

企業和組織創造多層次的Windows,Linux和Mac Web應用程式。Omnis Studio是相容所有主要的

數據庫,包括MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, ODBC & JDBC的本地支援。


Omnis Studio is one of the most powerful and flexible Rapid Application

Development (RAD) tools available today.

With Omnis Studio, independent or team-based developers can create

enterprise or web applications for companies and organisations of any


Omnis Studio lets you develop and deploy applications under Windows, Linux

and Mac OSX for such diverse markets as healthcare, human resources,

publishing, customer relationship management, e-business, education,

government, and more.

Using Omnis Studio, you can create form-based client applications that

access all leading server databases, including Oracle, Sybase, DB2,

Informix, MySQL, as well as JDBC- and ODBC-compliant databases such MS

SQL Server.

Omnis Studio is optimised for multi-tier and web-based application




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