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商品名稱: Anthemion Software DialogBlocks v4.41 LINUX64 RPM

商品分類: Linux系統專用軟體

商品類型: 資源編輯器軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: LINUX (以官方網站為準)

更新日期: 2011-08-28


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Anthemion DialogBlocks 是一款資源編輯器,可以讓用戶在Windows、Linux、Mac或其它


對話方塊、嚮導框(Wizard)和窗口框架。支援輸出C++ 和 XRC格式的代碼。


DialogBlocks is an essential adjunct to programming with

the free wxWidgets GUI toolkit. It helps you create dialogs

and other user interface elements quickly, resulting in

good-looking, resizable windows that work on Windows, Mac,

and Linux. Edit complex dialogs in situ, such as wizards,

property sheets and frames, and then generate C++ or XRC.

Let DialogBlocks help with data transfer, context-sensitive

help, and application class creation.

DialogBlocks has a comprehensive configuration system for

generating makefiles and project files for most popular

compilers, so you can design, build and run your

applications all within DialogBlocks. It'll build the

wxWidgets libraries for you as well if necessary. There's

even an analyzer that can let alert you to problems with

your project.



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