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商品名稱: Emurasoft EmEditor Professional v11.1.3 x86 BETA

商品分類: 掃描、PDF、辦公文書工具

商品類型: 文書編輯軟體

語系版本: 繁體中文正式版

運行平台: Windows XP/Vista/7

更新日期: 2012-04-11




用來編輯Windows上的HTML及其他程式的文書編輯器。EmEditor完全支援萬國碼 (Unicode)






EmEditor Professional is the next

generation of the successful

EmEditor, a text editor for Windows

that fully supports Unicode, enabling

you to edit multiple languages.

EmEditor Professional creates

functionally-rich macros using

JavaScript or VBScript, allowing you

to define most operations.

Not only can you define a macro which

records keystrokes that you use and

reference repeatedly, but you can

also write your own macros that can

manipulate other applications,

Windows-based files, or network


The macros are based on the Windows

Scripting Host (WSH) engine, so you

can use all of the powerful, robust

objects available under the Windows

Scripting Host.

EmEditor Professional is a tool that

allows you to edit text files.

EmEditor Professional features two

newly added configurations:

JavaScript for EmEditor and VBScript

for EmEditor. When you open a macro

file in EmEditor, keywords, such as

macro objects, properties, or

methods, are automatically

highlighted. For assistance on

certain keywords, move the cursor

over the keyword and select Search

for Keyword, or press F1.

When an error occurs during the

execution of a macro, a dialog box

will appear showing the content of

the error. If you click on the Edit

button, you can jump to the location

where the error occurred.

EmEditor uses JavaScript or VBScript

for its macro language, so those who

are familiar with HTML or Windows

scripting will be able to write

macros with little difficulty.

For those unfamiliar with scripting

languages, EmEditor can record

keystrokes that can then be saved in

a macro file, which can easily be

loaded in different situations. With

the use of JavaScript or VBScript,

you can also troubleshoot your code




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