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商品名稱: Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client v3.0.4235 x86 Linux

商品分類: Linux系統專用軟體

商品類型: 遠端存取解決方案軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: LINUX (以官方網站為準)

更新日期: 2011-12-12


Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility為新一代的遠端存取解決方案,具備先進的網路



The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility

Solution provides a comprehensive,

highly secure enterprise mobility

solution. It combines industry-

leading Cisco web security with

next-generation remote access

technology to help organizations

easily manage the security risks of

borderless networks.

With this mobile security solution,

users can access the network with

their device of choice, including

laptops and handhelds. They can then

easily and securely use the

applications and information they

need to do their jobs.



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